We welcome your phone enquiries. Volume deals are also available here on this website. Our honey shop is open Seven Days so on Saturday and Sunday you are welcome to drop in and check out the product range. We use Startrack or Australia post, and have good and fair rates. It’s common for us to process deliveries on a Tuesday. You can use Credit Card or Bank Transfer. If something is urgent, please follow up your order with a phone call. Like with all beekeepers, when things are hectic in other areas of our business we might not get orders off quickly however our honey shop is open 7 days for local pickup.

Nucleus Hive- Waiting List 2021

Join the list for a nucleus colony or queen with no financial commitment.

Paradise Bee Hive Kits and Parts

The Paradise Bee Box additional parts and accessories.

Paradise Bee Hive Kits – Commercial Quantities

Discounts offered for bulk purchases or 25, 50 and 100 kits.

Contact us for details.

Hivemind Remote Apiary Monitoring

The Hivemind Hub is an important tool for optimising returns on your apiary investment.

American Foul Brood Test Kit

Vita American Foul Brood test kit.


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