Nucleus Hive – Paradise Hive option

Your Nucleus Hives will be supplied in a 6 Frame Paradise Nucleus Hive box (painted and assembled) to the following standards:
  1. Min 2+ frames brood frames and a laying queen
  2. Equivalent to 4+ drawn frames with 6 frames in the box
  3. Paradise Nuc box will be sealed with strap and entrance closers.
  4. Your colony will experience vastly accelerated development in this box before you place it into it's hive.

After performing its initial duties, it will fulfill the role in your beekeeping toolbox as a nucleus colony box, will be indispensable when raising queens and be useful during spring for swarm control.

Summary of Costs:

  • Nucleus Colony $225
  • Mate n Nuc $93
  • Painting and Assembly $27


Pay a deposit of $145.00 per item