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I am looking to provide a certain number of queens into the local market.

Queen mating and rearing has been a relatively new passion of mine and to get better I need more practice. It’s one thing to get a queen mated and into your own hive.

It requires a lot more effort to get them into a package and off to another,

There is no such thing as a guarantee when we raise and mate queens or when we buy them.

While we want queens raised from the biggest queen cells and mated with select drones the truth is that it’s a game of chance.

When buying tested queens, the testing is a little like this:

  • The Breeder kills off the Queens from aggressive hives no matter what.
  • The Breeder does not sell weak queens from hives that have little brood.
  • Everything else falls under the 50:50 rule.
    • Out of each batch of queens bought, 1/2 will be great and 1/2 will be OK.

My Queens are either:

  • Sourced from a professional breeder or,
  • Rottnest Island Queen Cells mated in my apiary.
  • From queen cells raised from eggs out of my best hives or 2 year old Rottnest queens.

Sometimes out of 50 cells we get 40 queens.

Sometimes out of 50 cells we get 10 queens.

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