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2019 EPS Bee Hive Starter Pack -Includes Frames.

This pack is designed to get you up and running with enough equipment to encourage you to explore various aspects of keeping bees.

The pack contains 2 kits INCLUDING ALL FRAMES REQUIRED, plus 4 extra lids and bases and all the extras you need for making splits and nucs, raising cells and mating queens- FREIGHT FREE

Retail Value- $1360



-Total Savings $310

A limited number of opportunities for this season.

The Package Contains Equipment for:
  • 6 Single box beehives including frames or
  • 3 Double box beehives including frames or
  • 2 Triple box Beehives including frames

Specific contents are:

  • 6 Supers @$45 = $270
  • 3 Sets of Standard Lids and Bases @$70 = $210
  • 3 Sets of Commercial Lids and Bases @$55 = $165
  • Box of 54 Plastic Frames $197
  • 1.5 kg of wax for your frames $30
  • Includes 6 Entrance Closers @$5 = $30
  • Includes 6 straps @$12 – $72
  • Includes 3 Hivetop Feeders @$44 = $132
  • Includes 3 Entrance Feeders @$10 = $60
  • 6 Queen Excluders-$24


Because- All things being equal, polystyrene hive users find

  • Poly hives make more honey than wooden hives
  • Nucleus colonies grow faster


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This is a combination of equipment to get you through your first couple of seasons beekeeping with EPS Hives.

The Equipment Supplied Can Make:

Two full kits or
Three Double Kits or
6 Single Kits

There are enough queen excluders, feeders and entrance closers for 6 colonies.

Our goal is to support you to be a proficient independantly capable beekeeper on a year in year out basis. Over the first couple of seasons, you can raise two-three colonies as well as make two-three nucleus colonies up as the seasonal allows and have the right tools to protect yourself from queen lessness and easily crop 60 to 120 kg of honey.

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10 Frames, 6 Frames, 8 Frames