EPS- Expanded Polystyrene Hives

All things being equal, EPS hive users find that poly hives winter better and make more honey than their wooden hives and it’s undeniable that nucleus colonies grow faster.
Volume pricing discounts are from 10%-25%.
Hive Kits can be sent anywhere in WA at competitive prices.
They can also be easily and legally sterilized with soap and bleach.

In stock for delivery or local pickup.

Read up on the benefits here.

Satellite Hive Monitoring

SATELLITE DATA COSTS ARE FALLING. The internet of things reduces management costs and increases yields. The marginal cost of monitoring your apiary can be as little as $3 per hive per year. Order from our store

Modern Beekeeping

This website is dedicated to ensuring West Australian beekeepers have access to high-performance polystyrene beehives and apiary monitoring equipment. EPS, Expanded Polystyrene hives, are equally suited to commercial, sideline and hobby beekeeping. Whether you are wanting to establish a couple of hives, expand a sideline interest or are considering them for commercial use, your EPS boxes will establish faster, last longer and produce more honey over time. 

Satellite apiary monitoring equipment assists beekeepers of a medium scale to time their visits, make their choices for hive placement and save time, fuel and money. One recent customer stated he could no longer afford not to use them. Our MBK app helps interpret the data from your hive scales. We are also working on a production database module to support beekeepers to manage their BQUAL compliance for traceability that also encourages us to maintain our biosecurity. 

Finally, Paradise EPS hives are strong and maintenance free and will last a generation of beekeeping. They are quick to assemble and can be legally and effectively treated for AFB in West Australia with sodium hypochlorite.

We CAN Deliver ANYWHERE IN Western Australia

We use Startrack and Australia Post and have very fair rates.

  • 2 Kits can be home delivered to your door for $49.
  • Pallet orders can be shipped to our Perth depot from $90.

Nucleus Hives SEASONALly available

We produce nucleus colonies  in spring and summer. Please register your interest on our waiting list if you would like us to contact you as they become available.

EPS Hive Volume Pricing

We recognise that you want the best price.

Therefore our volume pricing is fair and generous.

Quantities are configured to suit pallet and Startrack deliveries with volume breaks from 5 kits.

Why use Paradise Poly Hives

Paradise hives have been in the Australian market for 7 years and in that time have established themselves as market leaders. Other brands do exist however the Paradise hive continues to be used as the benchmark. Only the Paradise poly system has seen continuous development to suit the Australian market, environment and the needs of commercial beekeepers. Beekeepers in VIC, NSW and QLD report production increases from 35% to 65%.  The production enhancement due to the use of poly hives is often linked to superior overwintering and healthier colonies that build well in spring. It will be interesting in time to see whether similar production increases are attainable in WA.

Our Breeding Program, Nucleus Hive and Queen Waiting Lists

From Late September to the end of February we prepare nucleus colonies for supply to our waiting list customers. These are released on a first come first served basis and subject to the season.

We raise cells from a selection of our own and breeder queens we purchase from others. Our Drone mothers are previous years hives that had record production and/or suitable temperament.

Hive Scale Monitoring Equipment

Hivemind hub and scale systems enable real-time production monitoring. Of course, nothing beats a shake to confirm the nectar is still coming in.

Beekeepers use hivemind to plan apiary visits and moves and determine where in the nectar flow they are and so when to rob their hives.

Users save hundreds of dollars in fuel and weeks of time over a year using this precision apicultural tool.

Use Hivemind on your phone to show 6 hourly weight changes and monitor nectar production and hive activity. The system reports by satellite. It’s an always-on, always reliable connection.

At modernbeekeeping.com.au we know we are early adopters. It will naturally take time to establish the merit of these practices in the wider industry.

We welcome your phone enquiries and encourage you to consider the value and deals are available here on this website.

– Myles Happ-

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