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MBK’s Register of Hives for Pollination

Let us help source superior pollination hives for your operation

We run a register of EPS and Regular hive users seeking work in pollination.

A well prepared EPS hive is a formidable unit for pollination work because

  • First and foremost, hives winter better and will be stronger for early crops.
  • Hive health is generally superior and colonies more productive.
  • Hives can raise brood more effectively in colder temperatures which can improve bee numbers.
  • On colder days the bees are warmer and so will generally fly more freely.

These are of course principles reliant on a beekeeper maintaining good strains of bees and leaving sufficient pollen and nectar stores in the hive.

We know a range of beekeepers who may be interested in your work.

Let us find superior pollination contractors for you.

Because doing something better shouldn’t be harder

We are looking to work with farmers who:

  • Have an integrated pest management program for their crop
  • Understand the role of pollinators in their crop
  • Are good communicators
  • Prepared to document the relationship with a contract
  • Look after our bees

We have pollination experience in:

  • Avocados
  • Kiwifruit
  • Blueberries
  • Hybrid Canola
  • Faba/Broad Beans
  • Clover

Pollination Broking and Quality Assurance Services

Pollination Broking

A Service for farmers and Beekeepers.

Reduce costs and improve service provision.

Allow us to match your proposal to an ideal partner.


More information

Modern Beekeeping EPS Pollination Services

If you are interested in long term relationships for pollination servicesat an agreed price with beekeepers using EPS we would like to hear from you.

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Quality Assurance and Contract Assistance

Need help or advice with a pollination contract?

Would you like an independent auditor of the pollination services provided?

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Options for smaller and budget pollination jobs

Manage Your Own Hives

ForĀ 6-24 Hives.
A choice may be for you to build and manage your own hives over time.

Find out if this option suits you

MBK on site Management Services

Want to own the hives and the honey?

Let us find a beekeeper for you.

Small or Budget Pollination Services

Can we find an amateur operator to provide services at a rate that a commercial operator won’t?

Enquire here

We love our work

Our Team

We are a team of collaborating beekeepers. Our aim is to support others as well as ourselves and to provide an excellent service that customers can measure and see.

Myles Happ

Myles Happ

Liason & Contract Management

Jay Faulkner

Jay Faulkner


Aiden Kennedy

Aiden Kennedy

Quality Assurance

From Our Customers

We found the set of fruit around the hives to be better.

We will definitely keep using pollination for our orchard.

-Troy Delafranca

Our avocado trees need bees for pollination.

Myles turned up on time with strong hives.

-Shane Bendotti

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