Class Leading Quality

With over 30 years of ongoing development, bank on a brand that will be here for your future.

Light & Strong

Discover how a light insulating material can make your beekeeping more productive and more enjoyable.

Easy to Clean

Clean with Washing Soda, Sterilize with Bleach

Order online and have goods delivered to your door.

We use Startrack and have great rates for all of WA.

Pallet orders can be delivered to Perth or Albany for Pickup or Forwarding.

We deliver to Perth for free on a monthly basis.

E.P.S. Hive Equipment

The Paradise EPS beehive is made from 40mm thick, ultra tough, 100kg/m3 high-density expanded polystyrene.

Nucleus Hive- Waiting List

Join the list for a nucleus colony or queen with no financial commitment.

Hivemind Remote Apiary Monitoring

The Hivemind Hub is an important tool for optimising returns on your apiary investment.

American Foul Brood Test Kit

In the field American Foul Brood test kit.

An essential component in your toolkit.

Great for your piece of mind.


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